Biryani Army


Description / Rules

Welcome to the Biryani Army, lead by YouTube content creator Leo Kun.

Server Rules:

📢 You must be 13 (or older) to join the server. Underage will be immediately BANNED without any notice.

▶️ This is an English server. Foreign Languages can only be used in multilingual-chat.

Leo can break all rules coz he an idiot and doesn’t care.

▶️ Absolutely no discussion about Race, Country, Gender, Culture, Color, Politics, or Religion.
Anyone found fighting or hating other people will be muted or BANNED.
No Joking about these topics either

▶️ No Ads/ Self promotions.
No posting Links of any kind.
No Begging for Roles. or Nitro.
No Spamming.
No IP Grabbing, Raiding, hacking, DDoS, malicious activities.
No DM Promotions or Spamming.

▶️ Do not ask or expose any personal and private information about any member on the server.

▶️ Respect all the channels and rules that apply to them.

▶️ NEVER ping Leo or mods without a legitimate reason. It’s annoying. Only ping if you need help.

🟥 Swears are allowed but it should not be directed to a user.
Insults are also allowed if directed user is your friend and is okay with it.

With that said, nonetheless mods reserve the right to punish, if they think you’re trying to exploit this rule.

▶️ Mods decisions are final. You’re not allowed to argue with them for their decision.
They can and will use their power to maintain order in the community.

▶️ If you see anyone breaking the rules, ping the mods so they can immediately take action on your call.

▶️ Do not beg for mod roles. Mod apps are open only when we actually need more mods.

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