₊˚ ➹ benevolence ➹ ‧₊˚ 『emotes & chill』


Description / Rules

our discord server is a place for sanrio fans and even non-sanrio fans to connect and share their interests ! + cute emotes <3


  1. no nsfw, homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and 100% no TOLERANCE of any of the above
  2. swearing is allowed but no offensive slurs, even if you can reclaim them. this is to make sure in the end no one is offended
  3. don’t disrespect/insult staff or their choices in accordance to the server. make sure to listen to what they say.
  4. respect others opinions, respectful debates can happen but no insulting or borderline harassment.
  5. doxxing and/or ip grabbers or anything to gather personal information without consent is NOT allowed under any circumstances
  6. don’t self promote in any channel other than ⁠🍃・₊˚self-promo꒷꒦ and don’t dm advertise
  7. don’t try and mute evade or ban evade. take the punishment you’re given or it’ll be extended
  8. do NOT use any of the banners that we use in the server such as the join, leaves, rules, or any other banner. those are for personal use only and we paid for them
  9. don’t copy our server or make any servers that you either own/moderate heavily inspired by ours unless permission is granted by @! bails or @sude , we will have to view the server first
  10. you noticed that we are using a picture/banner or emote which isn’t free to use? if that’s the case please dm any admins or ping the admins role with proof so we can delete it immediately
  11. if ur name is kae leave the server
    if there is someone in the server who’s going against the rules, feel free to ping @deleted-role and @deleted-role
    if needed, dm one of us!
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