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Welcome to Autocode’s Discord Community! We are happy to have you and excited to help you build amazing things! But, before you get to meet new developers and Autocoders like you, there are some important rules you are expected to follow as part of our community.

Autocode Discord Rules & Code of Conduct

❗ Safety and Harassment ❗
This Discord server is a safe environment for all users and as such harassment is not allowed. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: offensive verbal or written comments about someone’s race, religion, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, and economic or social status. The use of offensive or discriminatory language is not permitted. Jokes or memes at the expense of anything listed above or bullying of any sort will not be tolerated. There are people here from many different backgrounds so please be respectful of others.

The rules about harassment and bullying apply to both text and voice channels. Additionally, harassing community members via DM is not allowed and should be reported immediately. While interactions outside of our server are outside of our control, behavior which starts to affect the Autocode Community will be dealt with accordingly.

🗒️ Appropriate Content
Autocode is a friendly community with members of all ages. Do not share or reference age-restricted, pornographic or highly suggestive content. Graphic violence, illegal activity or any other NSFW content shared via links, images, videos, gifs or emotes will be removed immediately. Be sensible of the minors in our community.

As a rule of thumb, we aim to keep Autocode’s Discord server PG-13 rated. As part of this, we have automated systems in place to detect and remove potentially disallowed content. Attempting to bypass these systems is also against the rules.

🗨️ Channel Usage
Everything has its place! Please keep chat relevant to the channel you are in. For example, support requests should take place in our support channel, feedback should be given in our feedback channel, and so on.

🎉 Self Promotion and Spam
For safety reasons, we don’t allow linking to external Discord servers. If you link to another server, your message may be automatically be removed and you may be muted.

As a rule of thumb, spamming links to sites such as Fiverr, free Nitro generators, and other similar types of content is disallowed. However, you may promote projects you built using Autocode as well as personal portfolio sites in our ✨│show-and-tell channel. Please do not self-promote outside of this channel.

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