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Description / Rules

Hey! Welcome to Artists Corner! We’re a tightly knit community of artists looking to talk, help others, and just have fun!


  1. No toxic behavior
    Treat everyone with respect. Being toxic to someone on the basis of sex, religion, sexual orientation, origin, other ethnic groups, etc… will not be tolerated
  2. Respect Staff
    If you disagree with a staff action, fill out the appeal form you received from when joining the server (also found below)
  3. Do not mini-mod
    we have plenty of staff, if you need help with a urgent issue, ping the staff role, and if it’s not so urgent, ⁠✘-create-a-ticket
    do not claim you can ‘get someone kicked’ or ‘in trouble with staff’ for something
  4. No NSFW
  5. What defines NSFW and is not allowed?
  • any sexuality suggestive works due to any reason such as clothing, posing, etc ❌
  • excessive body horror (mutilation) ❌
  • heavy gore/violence ❌
  • excessive self harm ❌
  • posting any censored content that still falls in the guidelines above ❌
  1. What isn’t NSFW and is allowed?
  • nude art studies. they must not be lewd in any way, and must be sent with a spoiler like this like this :check:
  • light gore / body horror (blood, so content such as chainsaw man for example would be allowed) :check:
  • light self harm that does not promote or idolize self-harm or suicide :check:
  • any topic present in PG-13 content. :check:
  1. What about gore?
  • light violence (think of like an anime or marvel fight scene) is allowed :check:
  • light gore / body horror (so content such as chainsaw man for example) would be allowed :check:
  • excessive body horror & heavy gore/violence is not allowed. ❌
  1. I’m not sure if the content I’m about to post is NSFW. What should I do?
  • run through the checklist above to see if your content violates the NSFW qualifications.
  • visit ⁠✘-create-a-ticket and ask our staff team about more clarification

important note
We recognize our responsibility as an art server and the delicate topics that art can touch and express. We are not banning those. Art about topics such as traumatic events, mental disorders (depression, anxiety, etc…), nude studies (non sexual) and others are still allowed. Use your best judgement, and if youre not sure, visit ⁠✘-create-a-ticket and ask our staff team about more clarification.

  1. No Dying
  2. Follow Discord rules and ToS
  3. No selling AI generated art / claiming art made by AI is yours. Typing a prompt into a machine does not make you an artist
    you’re welcomed to use AI as a process in making your art, but you should always be honest about it.
  4. Don’t spam contact people in DM
  5. Try to stay in the correct channel
  6. Keep swearing light
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