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Description / Rules

Welcome to Art Lounge! AL is a place to share, critique, or talk about visual art of any kind. We have a few rules, so please read them before you jump into the rest of the server!

1) Be nice:

a) Don’t go out of your way to provoke other users.
b) When it comes to critiquing art, be overly constructive, not overly derogatory.
c) This is not a politically correct server, but slurs are absolutely not allowed.
d) If you have an issue with another user, communication is advised as to reduce conflict.
However, if you or someone else cannot appropriately address issues with each other, message a staff member instead so we can defuse things.

2) Keep things channel appropriate:

a) Please keep shitposting to a low level in ⁠general, and an extreme minimum in the art channels.
b) Read the channel descriptions at the top of channels, as some have more specific guidelines!
c) Don’t spam. (includes excess text/messages, images, emojis, capitals, reactions, etc.)
(This ALSO includes posting the same message/image across multiple channels.)
d) No explicit NSFW art outside of ⁠nsfw. (Non-explicit NSFW is fine in other channels, treat it like any art museum would)
e) Never post screamers, seizure inducing, or other unsafe/disturbing content without warning.
f) Keep art trades and any commissions dealing with fake currencies in #art-trades, and the buying/selling of art in #commissions. (Don’t ask for free work in-server or DMs!)
g) Posting any traced work without proper credit is forbidden. (Don’t try to claim you created work that isn’t yours, simple!)
h) Promotion involving NFTs is expressly banned. Don’t be a clown; NFT stands for “Nah, fuck that.”
i) Posting AI-generated content is only permitted if it has been substantially transformed from the originally generated image. Put some work in people, c’mon- seriously.

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