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Description / Rules

Connect artist with buyers, art, commission, programming, art, market, tech anime music literature design editing coding

Server Rules

  1. Be respectful
    Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. This includes treating everyone with respect. You are free to hold your opinion however, do not spread hate.
  2. Do not swear in the server, or attempt to bypass the filter by changing the characters of a banned word.
    Do not harass other users or be toxic, such as by arguing or insulting others.
  3. No NSFW
    Please make sure all topics are appropriate for children. Nothing can be shared that is NSFW, is relating to substance abuse, is disturbing or that displays a grave nature.
  4. No mini-modding
    You aren’t allowed to minimod in the server, this means acting as a moderator by threatening people with punishment. If you have a problem please ping an active staff member.
  5. No Spamming
    Any type of spamming eg. sending small messages, posting images/ attachments over and over is not allowed. Chaining messages and lyrics are also not allowed.
    Don’t cause spam by posting repeated text or large blocks of text.
  6. SFW PFPs and usernames
    Your profile picture must be SFW. Impersonation of people/bots with profile pictures/names isn’t allowed.
  7. Wrong use of spoilers
    You aren’t allowed to misuse spoilers by giving your text the appearance of swearing or something inappropriate. Using spoilers around a word that looks like a racial slur will result in a ban.
  8. Asking for someone’s personal information
    Asking/ sharing someone’s personal info (eg. Nationality, phone number, address, etc.) without their permission is not allowed.
  9. Please keep your topics in the correct channel.
  10. You cannot annoy others in VCs by mic spamming or using voice changers.
  11. Wasting Staff’s Time
    Do not waste staff’s time, this can include direct messaging staff to appeal your punishment, opening tickets for no reason, or annoying them in general. If you have a complaint against a higher staff member, contact a higher position staff.
  12. No begging
    Begging for Nitro/Roles/DMC/Any bot currency anywhere in the server is strictly prohibited and isn’t allowed. Continuing to begin chat will result in a guaranteed punishment.
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