Art broZ


Description / Rules

Welcome fellow Art Warriors to the Art broZ Server! We are generally pretty relaxed here, but we do have some standard rules in place:
•No NSFW art is allowed here. Figure drawings / paintings are OK. If you are unsure about a work, message Nik with your piece for approval
•Be courteous of others. Give critiques politely and with the intention of helping your fellow artist. Try not to get offended by critiques unless someone is blatantly being rude / mean
•No spam. You can feel free to plug your projects / your artwork in the ⁠share-your-social-media channel, but please no excessive repeated posts.
•Please do not come in here just to share your own Discord Server. Do not share links to your Discord Server without explicit consent from @Nik Hagialas
•Remember that we have new / experienced and young / old artists in this server. Be mindful of each other.

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