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Description / Rules

Art & Commissions an art server and community for artists and buyers!

Please read and accept the ⁠rules to become a member with the below.

If you are a new artist or new to selling your art check out ⁠new-to-commissioning for advice and tips.

Art & Commissions Rules:

1️⃣ Please follow Official Discord TOS:

2️⃣ Be nice to your fellow server members: We do not tolerate rude, insulting, and disrespectful behavior. We have a zero tolerance policy against racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, harassment, etc.

3️⃣ Respect the staff team: This includes @Admins , @Mods , @Art Assistant , and @Event Staff ! Any rude behavior towards server staff will get result in warnings, and then after 3 a ban will be issued. (for any staff problems please report directly to me @Tamar)

4️⃣ No scamming: Art & Commissions is not responsible for any scams. Please report anyone who tries to scam you or anyone else to the mods in a ticket contact-a-staff . Hire and work at your own risk.

5️⃣ No art theft: This includes tracing, sketch farming, claiming someone else’s art, stealing art, selling art made by AI, art breeders, etc. You may only post someone else’s art with appropriate credit!

6️⃣ Absolutely NO DM advertising or spamming: This includes unsolicited server invites, commission sheets, adopts, asking for free art, etc. Please let staff know if someone breaks this rule by opening a ticket contact-a-staff.

7️⃣ Users are not permitted to discuss topics that may make users uncomfortable, or that are controversial in nature: This includes, but is not limited to, debates about Gender, Sexuality, Religion, Politics, Race, and discussion about Depression/Suicide, Violence, Eating Disorders, Drugs, Slurs, S/A, or other triggering topics. If a staff member requests you to stop talking about a particular topic, please do so.

8️⃣ No NSFW: Sexual or suggestive art is not allowed and no extreme gore. No artistic nudity at all. No examples of nsfw art. No sexual or explicit conversations allowed. You may still ask for nsfw art in buying channels without any pictures or any details of the concept. Only preferred art style. Anything beyond should be taken privately off the server with +18 members only.

9️⃣ Highly fetishized artwork, or suggestive fetish artwork isn’t allowed. (Server staff have the right to decide what is appropriate for the server and what isn’t.)

🔟 No loli/shota ( underaged characters drawn suggestively or sexually ) or zoophilia: They may not be shared, sold, or requested in any form, and we do not accept the argument that the character is 18+ as an argument if the character looks too young. No Zoophilia INCLUDES pokemon characters drawn in nsfw or suggestive ways.

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