Apple Emojis


Description / Rules

Welcome to apple emojis! Don’t like the default discord emojis? This server features iOS/Apple emojis for you to use.

Server Rules :

  1. Refrain from any content that is:
    ➞ Political, abusive, threatening, sensitive, nsfw;
    ➞ Defamatory, racially, sexually, religiously;
    ➞ Or otherwise objectionable or offensive
  2. Abide by Discord’s ToS and their guidelines:
  3. Respect the server:
    ➞ Do not advertise on the server or through DMs
    ➞ Do not evade automods and punishments
    ➞ We are an English language only server
    ➞ Present a safe for work and friendly profile
    ➞ Share safe for work and appropriate content in all channels
  4. Respect the staff:
    ➞ Staff have the final judgement on any situation
    ➞ If they ask you to do something, please comply
    ➞ If you face any issues, please DM any Admin
    ➞ If you feel they are abusing their power, you may take it up with the Owner
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