Among Us


Description / Rules

Welcome to Among Us! Among Us is a murder mystery game; stay here to play Among Us with thousands of other players!

Chat Rules

1 | Be respectful
You must respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2 | English only
Maintain an English only environment, this server is English only to prevent rule violation loopholes.

3 | No Inappropriate Language
The use of profanity should be kept to a minimum. However, any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited.

4 | No spamming
Don’t send a lot of small messages right after each other. Do not disrupt chat by spamming zalgo’s, wall texts, or spamming content repetitively.

5 | :Red_asterisk: No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material :Red_asterisk:
This is a community server, with people of all ages below 18. Content of that sort is prohibited in this server.

6 | No advertisements
We do not tolerate any kind of advertisements, whether it be for other communities or streams. You can post your content in the media channels if it is relevant and provides actual value (Video/Art)

7 | :Red_asterisk: No offensive names and profile pictures :Red_asterisk:
You will be asked to change your name or picture if the staff deems them inappropriate.

8 | Server Raiding
Raiding or mentions of raiding are not allowed.

9 | :Red_asterisk: Direct & Indirect Threats :Red_asterisk:
Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats are absolutely prohibited and disallowed.

10 | :Red_asterisk: No Cheating/Hacking :Red_asterisk:
This also applies to out of game communication and the use of recording software to review gameplay during a meeting.

11 | :Red_asterisk: Any form of Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Anti-Semitism, Sexism and Ableism :Red_asterisk:
This is prohibited in this server and will result in a harsh punishment, just don’t do it. (This includes but is not limited to usernames, messages, voice conversations, images and others)

12 | No sub servers
Sub servers are communities that form with the sole purpose of, or engages in, moving our active members to another server usually with the goal of self-benefit. Participants will be banned. To report a Sub Server, DM an Administrator or an Owner.

13 | :Red_asterisk: Do not joke around about your age :Red_asterisk:
To use Discord, you must be above the age of 13. – If you mention that you are below the age of 13 in a jokeful manner, you will be banned.

14 | Respect Copyrights
(This includes but is not limited to posting any content related to privacy, cheats, cracks or exploits) – If you are found to be violating this, you will be banned.

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