Among Us VR


Description / Rules

Greetings, Crewmates! This is a friendly, relaxed, and open place where you can connect with the Among Us VR teams and community. Welcome!


1: No personal attacks, antagonizing, or harassment.
No Not Safe For Work (NSFW), Not Safe For Life (NSFL), racist, homophobic, transphobic, disturbing, gore, or sexist comments and images. This includes usernames, icons, and custom statuses. Trying to bait/mislead people into thinking one word is another also applies. (E.g. Adding spoiler text to certain letters.)

2: Respect the devs, mods and each other.
Blatant disregard or disrespect towards others will not be tolerated. Don’t be rude. Being intentionally malicious, encouraging violence, self-harm, or suicide, even in jest may result in an instant ban.
Please allow Mods to handle server issues or disputes, and do not overstep their decisions. Helpfulness is encouraged and appreciated, but mini-modding will not get you a foot in the door for becoming a Mod.
Additionally, our Mods will not discuss moderation decisions or actions taken on other members of the server publicly. This also includes in-game moderation and bans. Do not attempt to vouch or appeal another player’s ban; they can submit-a-report to do so themselves.

3: Do not empty ping or confuse the server.
Do not ping the devs, empty ping, or members who asked not to be. Only ping mods for emergencies (scam links, inappropriate images, etc). For non-emergencies, DM @ModMailVR. Do not impersonate staff/bots or use nicknames that confuse or hinder moderation.

4: Stay safe.
Never post your own or someone else’s personal information. No soliciting or asking for personal information. Offering, gifting, or soliciting fellow server members for money, free copies of the game, or other items/services is prohibited. No pirating/hacking, no modification of game save data, and no discussing or advertising of hacks/3rd party exploits. Furthermore, do NOT post content that references restricted substances (such as drugs) or illegal activity (including piracy of any type – games, music, TV, etc).

5: Ensure your messages have a level of quality to them.
Unacceptable posts include but are not limited to: spam, reaction spam, meme dumps, excessive reposting, ASCII art/copypastas, single letter/emoji per message, emoji-heavy posts, emoji trains, page stretching, spamming stickers, etc. Random, spammy memes or phrases are not welcome – including overused jokes continually and without context. If you have made Among Us or Among Us VR memes, they can go in the fan art channels as long as they follow our other rules.

6: Avoid heated discussions about controversial, sensitive, or potentially triggering topics such as religion or politics.
While games are not removed from politics, these discussions can easily turn into heated debates which do not belong on this server. Most of the time it’s better to just let a topic drop or ignore people trying to cause trouble – if someone is obviously baiting the server, do not engage them. The mods will handle it.

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