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Chat Rules:
If you are aware of anyone breaking these rules within chat, please open a support ticket at ⁠📩|support.
Be Respectful
■ You must respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them.
■ You must respect staff and their decisions.
English Only
■ Maintain an English only environment.
■ No Other languages are permitted.
■ No Repeatedly Spamming Messages or Content.
■ No Spamming Role or User Mentions.
■ No Zaglo Text Images.
NSFW Content
■ No NSFW Material is permitted.
■ No Sexual, Nudity, or Pornographic content.
■ No Excessive Gore content.
■ No advertising unpermitted discord invites.
■ No advertising unpermitted sale content.
■ No advertising unpermitted links.
■ No use of links with malicious intent.
■ This also applies to direct messages.
Offensive Profile Content
■ No inappropriate Usernames or Nicknames.
■ No inappropriate Profile pictures or banners.
■ No inappropriate Profile status or about me.
■ No Direct or Indirect threats.
■ Including death threats or harming another user.
■ Including DDoSing or Doxxing another user.
■ No other malicious threats are permitted.
Cheating or Hacking
■ No out of game communication is permitted.
■ No use of recording to review during gameplay.
■ No use of hacked or modded clients used for malicious intent.
Derogatory Language
■ No Racism, Anti Semitism, or Ableism.
■ No Homophobia, Transphobia, or Sexism.
■ Derogatory slurs will be handled with strict authority.
■ No instigating users which escalates a situation.
■ No instigating users which involve breaking server rules.
■ No discussion of topics about Support tickets in chat.
■ No discussion of topics about Hacking or Cheating.
■ No discussion of topics about any users Mod Logs.

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