Among Us 100 VCs


Description / Rules

A community server based around Among us, with over 100 VC’s for playing! Click the channels below to find where you want to go!

Among Us Rules
If a Staff member tells you not to do something, don’t do it.

PEDO JOKES / INSULTS ARE NOT TOLERATED HERE. Anything related to pedophilia is an instant ban.
If you have a genuine concern, go to ⁠📩│support so our staff can investigate!

No form of advertising is allowed. Do not DM your server links to other people. No links of any sort may be posted.
If you need further clarification on which servers are allowed, go to ⁠📩│support . If you’re caught advertising, it will result in a mute or ban accordingly.

No discrimination of any kind, based on but not limited to: gender, orientation,
color, or age. If anyone is found making such comments it can result in being banned
The n-word isn’t allowed in ANY variation.

No harassing, doxxing, IP pulling, or hacking threats, even as a joke.
Anyone caught doing so will be instantly banned.

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